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2014 Hobbies

ACL with the youth.
In 2013, ACL – Amadeu Carneiro, Lda, completed 50 years of activity. To celebrate this occasion we decided to go on with this hobby, “ACL with the youth!”, along 2014, dedicated to young readers between 10 and 16 years old. ACL supports these hobbies to encourage young people in the practice of sport fishing. The interested ones may send their photos to the magazine:  Mundo da Pesca.

Mundo da Pesca

Send the photos by email to pesca@grupov.com, to win valuable prizes, such as one these exceptionals reels: Penn, Mitchell or Abu Garcia.
It is essential to send the name, address and phone number.

Click the images to see the last prize winners of Mundo da Pesca magazine.
Premiado Mundo da Pesca em Janeiro de 2014, edição 15 Premiado Mundo da Pesca em Fevereiro de 2014, edição 156 Premiado Mundo da Pesca em Março de 2014, edição 157 Premiado Mundo da Pesca em Abril de 2014, edição 158
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Thank you for your interest!

See you soon and good fishing!




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