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All the displayed products are only for information purposes.
In this way we want to keep the fishermen informed about our offer in fishing tackle products.
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Amadeu Carneiro, Lda.
Rua da Alegria, 155
4000-042 Porto
Tel : 22 205 98 53
Fax: 22 205 99 38

Category - Reels

The following products of the category 'Reels' belong to our collection.

Abu 506Abu Garcia3 bob. extra
AbumaticAbu Garcia1 bob. alu. com linha
Cardinal 50Abu Garcia1 bobine alu
Cardinal 707 ALBAbu Garcia2 bob. alu
Cardinal SAbu Garcia1 bobine alu
Cardinal SXAbu Garcia2 bob. = 1 alu + 1 polim.
ConjuntosAbu Garcia 
MaxAbu Garcia 
OrraAbu Garcia 
RevoAbu Garcia 
SoronAbu Garcia2 bob. alu
AvocastMitchell1 bob. alu
Avocet 4Mitchell 
Avocet FSMitchell1 bob. Alu
Avocet RMitchell1 bob. Alu
Avocet RZMitchell1 bob. Alu
Avocet RZTMitchell1 bob. Alu
Avocet SaltMitchell1 bob. Alu
AvorunnerMitchell2 bob. = 1 alu + 1 polim.
BluewaterMitchellmanivela grafite
Conjuntos AdvantaMitchell 
Conjuntos GT PROMitchell 
Conjuntos Performance ProMitchell 
ELXMitchell2 bob. = 1 alu + 1 polim.
FGMitchell1 bob. polim. com linha
Mag Pro RMitchell2 bob. alu
Mag Pro RZTMitchell2 bob. alu
Mag Pro TRZMitchell2 bob. alu
ProcastMitchell1 bob. alu p/ superlinhas
Série 300Mitchell 
Série 498Mitchell 
TanagerMitchell1 bob. alu
Tanager RMitchell1 bob. alu
Tanager RZMitchell2 bob. = 1 alu + 1 grafite
AffinityPenn1 bob. alu
Affinity IIPenn1 bob. alu
BattlePenn2 bob. alu
Battle IIPenn1 bob. alu
ClashPenn1 bob. alu
ConflitPenn1 bob. alu
FiercePenn1 bob. alu
Fierce IIPenn1 bob. alu
International VPennbob. Superlinhas
Mag2Penn1 bob. alu
Pursuit IIPenn1 bob. alu anodizada
Sargus IIPenn1 bob alu superlinhas
Slammer IIIPenn1 bob alu superlinhas
Special SenatorPennbob. Superlinhas
Spinfisher VPenn1 bob. alu
SurfblasterPenn2 bob. alu = 1 braid + 1 alu
Surfblaster IIPenn1 bob. Superlinha
Supreme XTShakespeare2 bob. alu
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