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In this way we want to keep the fishermen informed about our offer in fishing tackle products.
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Rua da Alegria, 155
4000-042 Porto
Tel : 22 205 98 53
Fax: 22 205 99 38

Category - Lines

The following products of the category 'Lines' belong to our collection.

Fio CoofilAssomonofilamento
Fio Double StrengthAssomonofilamento
Fio Fluorocarbon HighStretchAssofluorocarbono
Fio Molecular ShieldAssomonofilamento
Fio PolyaSteelAssomonofilamento
Fio Pro MicronAssomonofilamento
Fio Super FluorocarbonAssofluorocarbono
Fio UltraAssomonofilamento
Big Game Fluorocarbon LeadersBerkleyfluorocarbono
Fio Big Game LeadersBerkleymonofilamento
Fio Black VelvetBerkleysuperlinha
Fio Fireline BraidBerkleysuperlinha
Fio Fireline Braid TracerBerkleysuperlinha
Fio Fireline CrystalBerkleysuperlinha
Fio Fireline Flame GreenBerkleysuperlinha
Fio Fireline SmokeBerkleysuperlinha
Fio Nanofil Clear MistBerkleyNanofil
Fio Nanofil Lo-Vis GreenBerkleyNanofil
Fio Trilene Big GameBerkleymonofilamento
Fio Trilene FluorocarbonBerkleyfluorocarbono
Fio Trilene Fluorocarbon LeaderBerkleyfluorocarbono
Fio Trilene MaxxBerkleymonofilamento
Fio Trilene SensationBerkleymonofilamento
Fio Trilene XLBerkleymonofilamento
Fio Whiplash CrystalBerkleysuperlinha
Fio Whiplash GreenBerkleysuperlinha
Fio Whiplash OrangeBerkleysuperlinha
Fio Carp DraconDrennanmonofilamento
Fio FluorocarbonDrennanfluorocarbono
Fio Shock Leader Greased WeaselDrennanmonofilamento
Fio International FluorocarbonPennfluorocarbono
Fio EZ BraidSpiderwiresuperlinha
Fio Stealth CamoSpiderwiresuperlinha
Fio Stealth Smooth 8 Moss GreenSpiderwiresuperlinha
Fio Stealth Smooth 8 RedSpiderwiresuperlinha
Fio Stealth Smooth 8 TranslucentSpiderwiresuperlinha
Fio Super Mono XXXSpiderwiremonofilamento
Fio Ultracast 8 Carrier Invisi-BraidSpiderwiresuperlinha
Fio Extra StrengthStrenmonofilamento
Fio Stren SonicbraidStrensuperlinha
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